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5 Interesting Facts about Clownfish for Kids(2 is my favourite)

Since the release of “Finding Nemo” clownfish has become popular fish like never before. Nemo and his father Merlin have melt our hearts right away. Nowadays, everyone, even the little kids know what kind of fish is Nemo. There is no other fish that grab our attention the way clownfish does. So, if you are interested in learning more about this fascinating creature keep reading.

Here are the most interesting clownfish facts that we will cover in this article.
Let’s dive in (no pun intended).

1. Clownfish are omnivorous

They are omnivorous by nature. That’s mean that their diet consists of a variety of food of both plant and animal origin. Average hobbyist feeds their clownfish a variety of dried, frozen or fresh marine fish foods. In the wild, they feed themselves with zooplankton and algae.

2. All clownfish are born male

These fish are hermaphrodites, and they both have female and male reproductive organs. Classified as sequential hermaphrodites all clownfish are born as males, and in any given time can switch to females if it’s required. They live in a community where only two individuals are fully sexually developed. The others in the group are sexually immature males.

If the alpha female dies, then one of the other males will transform into female and will take her position. So, imagine how weird would be if Disney has made ‘Finding Nemo’ a scientifically accurate movie. The father Merlin changing into female and Nemo becoming the alpha male. Not so much fun to watch after all.

3. Excellent beginner fish for first-time owners

Are you are a beginner saltwater hobbyist? Or you are just transiting from freshwater to marine tanks and you want to know if little Nemo can be your first saltwater fish. Well, the good news is that these fish a pretty hardy.

Most of them can even survive several ammonia spikes of a newly cycled tank. However, that doesn’t mean that’s that right way to do. Before you even consider buying clownfish make sure that you have done the research for proper care.

4. Main characters in a popular animated movie

As we all know the main two characters from ‘Finding Nemo ‘ are both clownfish. Since the release of the movie in 2003, the demand for this kind of fish has dramatically increased. This is an often overlooked but really important thing because with the increasing popularity of this hobby a new threat arises of getting more and more endangered species. Fortunately, most of the clownfish we see in our local fish shops are captive bred.

5. Clownfish are poor swimmers

Nemo is not the only clownfish that is a poor swimmer. Most of them prefer the safety of the anemone and stay in that area most of their life. Remember what happened to Nemo when he went in open space.


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