Do discus really need daily water changes

Do Discus Really Need Daily Water Changes?

Do Discus really need daily water changes? 

I assume that was the first thing that put you off the idea of keeping discus. You’ve heard the same thing from different sources, and now, you are thinking is keeping discus worth it. 

I get it! Keeping fish should be fun, not a chore. Changing large amounts of water every day is not something you want to do. 

Plus, people are busy. They don’t want to spend their free time walking around with buckets full of water. They want to enjoy watching their fish with minimal effort of maintaining the tank. 

You can still have that. Even with a high maintenance fish such as the Discus. But, you’ll still need to stick to some rules. 

In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Discus fish and water changes. 

Let’s get started. 

Do Discus really need daily water changes?

This has always been a hot debate among discus fish enthusiasts. Some people swear to the practice of daily water changes, others will say that the benefit of daily water changes is just a myth. 

As a beginner, this might be quite confusing. Who is right? Which advice you should take? Well, there is truth in both statements. Let me explain! 

Clean water is essential for the health of every fish. Whether is a discus fish, angelfish, or a goldfish, pristine water quality will benefit its health. 

However, for some species, such as the Discus fish, clean water plays a major role in its overall health. 

You can get away without making water changes for a couple of weeks in a goldfish tank, but not in a discus tank. At least, not without certain consequences. 

However, I am not advocating to do that. The goldfish as hardy as it is, it still needs a good water quality. But you got my point. 

But do they need daily water changes? 

It depends, however, in general, they don’t need daily water changes. Three to four times a week will be sufficient in order for your fish to thrive. However, they are exceptions to that rule. Let’s see them in the next section of this article. 

How often should I do water changes in my discus tank? 

The truth is, there isn’t a strict, set regimen. The frequency of water changes in your discus tank will depend on many factors. 

How many fish you have in your aquarium? What’s the size of the tank

Are they juveniles, or adult fish? What’s the filtration like? How often do you feed your fish? 

All of this stuff can have a big impact on the frequency of water changes. Let’s explain them individually. 

If you are raising a group of juveniles, you should make daily water changes. Or every other day if that’s too much for you. 

Anything less will stunt your fish. Bad water quality is the first thing that has an impact on the growth of a young discus. 

Combine that with bad quality food and you have a fish that won’t reach its full potential. 

The amount of food you are giving to your fish is also very important. More food means more excess, more nitrates, and more ammonia. 

Frequent feedings correspond with frequent water changes. It’s simple as that. 

You might be wondering: How much percentage of water do I need to change? 

Some people do 100 percent water changes, others don’t. Do what’s most convenient for you. In my opinion, 50 percent water changes are more than enough. 

What’s the best time for water change? 

Discus are skittish fish, and they can easily get stressed out. Especially when it’s water change time. 

If you can, set up a schedule, and try to stick to it. That way your discus will know and they will be prepared for a water change. 

Another good way is to do a water change after a massive feeding. All the leftover food will be removed, and your tank will remains clean for a prolonged time. 

Final Thoughts 

Discus fish don’t require daily water changes unless they are juveniles, and you want to grow them to their maximum potential. 

However, they still need frequent water changes, and you should certainly do it if you want to raise a healthy, big, and beautiful fish. 

It may seem like a lot a work, but it’s necessary, and it’s a small price compared to the satisfaction you’ll get watching these majestic fish. 

Before you leave, I’d like to hear your opinion on this subject. Do discus need daily water changes, or not? 

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  1. Dipanjan Adhikari

    A very useful write up. However I do my daily water change for our 4.5ft discus tank. I get real enjoyment seeing my discus more lively after each session of water change

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