can turtles eat bread

Can Turtles Eat Bread? Is it OK to Feed Them?

Can turtles eat bread? 

Chances are, that you’ve searched on google because you want to know is it safe to feed your pet turtle a bread. Or you like to know if you can feed the wild turtles with bread, next time you are nearby a lake. Whatever the reason was, that brought you here, stay. 

In this post, we’ll answer the question: Is it safe to feed your turtle bread? In addition, we’ll answer other related questions such as can you feed your turtle with cat food or dog food, as well. But before that, we’ll start with the obvious question. 

Can turtles eat bread? Turtles can eat bread, however, it’s not the healthiest food for them. Dairy products, including the bread, can be harmful to the turtles. Turtles don’t have certain enzymes to breakdown those foods. 

Can red-eared slider turtles eat bread? 

Red-eared slider turtles are the most common turtles kept as pets. It’s reasonable for people to wonder if they should feed them with bread. The answer is no, the same as it for all other turtles. 

However, I often hear people saying that their red-eared slider turtle is eating and it easily accepts bread when it’s offered. Well, your turtle is accustomed to you and most of the time will eat whatever you feed it. That doesn’t mean you suppose to feed them in that manner. 

Bread is bad food for red-eared slider turtles for two reasons. Firstly, it’s made primarily for humans, which means it contains a lot of unnecessary additions, therefore it may be harmful to turtles. Secondly, it has a limited range of valuable nutrients that are necessary for optimal growth and overall health of the turtle. 

What should you feed your turtles instead? 

Red-eared slider turtles are omnivores, and they should have a well-balanced diet. Younger turtles need a protein-based diet, while adult red-eared sliders should have a diet based on vegetables. 

Can pond turtles eat bread? 

Pond turtles, turtles in the zoo, or turtles that live anywhere near frequent places have a direct negative effect by people feeding them bread. 

Feeding a turtle occasionally with bread won’t cause it any serious problem. And if its diet is well balanced and diverse, it will grow up in a healthy and strong turtle. However, wild turtles don’t have access to food all the time, and easily accept whatever people give them. In parks, zoos and other places where people frequently go, turtles are fed with bread more than they should be. Bread based diet, that doesn’t have all the essential nutrients, will result in turtles develop malformed shells. 

Next time you go to the park, and you want to feed the turtles, don’t do it with bread. Bring vegetables such as celery, or lettuce. The turtles will be happy to eat it. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can turtles eat cat food? 

Yes, turtles can eat cat foods. But the real question is cat food healthy for turtles. I am afraid so, no. Even though turtles will certainly survive on a cat diet based food, it can be harmful in the long run. The proportion of fats, proteins, and minerals are not appropriate for a turtle. 

Can turtles eat dog food? 

The same principle that stands for cat foods, stands for dog foods, as well. 

Final Thoughts 

As you have read, feeding your turtle with bread is not a good idea. In order to be healthy and happy, turtles need a diverse diet which includes meat, fish, and vegetables. 

Commercially prepared foods are also a great option because they contain all the necessary nutrients. If you ever come in a situation where you don’t have the right food at the moment for your turtle, it’s better to not feed it for a day or two, than to feed them with bread. 

And, don’t worry! Your turtle can easily survive without food for a couple of days. 

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  1. It’s good to know about the bread i wasn’t sure because my two year old niece put a small peice of bread in our red ear sliders tank as I was getting his night crawlers out. He went nuts for it, and I told her not to do it again. She just looked at me asking small peice ok? So I can tell her this one time small peice is ok but no more.

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