can red eared sliders eat apples

Can Red Eared Sliders Eat Apples?

You are probably here because you’re interested to know if you can feed your turtle with something different from its usual diet. Red-eared sliders are omnivores which means that diet consists of both animals and plants. 

Naturally, as responsible red-eared slider owners, we want to diversify their diet and give them the best possible conditions for living.  At first, we start experimenting with different kinds of foods. 

But what about apples? Can you feed your turtles with apples? Let’s answer that question. 

Can red eared sliders eat apples? Red-eared sliders can eat apples, however, they are not necessarily good food for turtles. There are a few things you need to consider before giving an apple to your turtle. 

In this article, we’ll closely look into the positives and the negatives of feeding your turtle with apples. In addition, we’ll answer other related questions, as well. 

Let’s get started. 

Is it safe to feed your red-eared slider with apples? 

Everybody loves apples! They are the most popular fruit and there is a good reason for that.  They come in different shapes, they can be found in different colors, and they are one of the healthiest foods. Additionally, they are a good source of fiber and vitamin C. Not to mention that they provide an array of antioxidants. 

You don’t have to be a doctor to realize that apples have a great impact on your health. But what about turtles? Can turtles eat apples? 

As we have seen, apples provide many benefits for humans, however, it’s not that simple when it comes to red-eared sliders. 

Turtles, in our case red eared sliders, don’t have the right enzymes to break down fruits like the apple. The main reason, apples being high in sugar and acid. 

Feeding your turtle with apples on a regular basis will lead to serious problems. Your red-eared slider turtle stomach may bloat up, causing it a big pain. It can even lead to more severe complications. 

How often can red-eared slider turtles eat apples 

I wouldn’t experiment feeding my turtle with apples, however, if you ever decide to give to yours, then you should probably follow a few simple rules. 

Firstly, feed it with apples only on rare occasions. Consider it as a threat to the red-eared slider. Be careful, and always cautiously wash the fruit before giving it to your turtle. Pesticides in fruits are a real problem and they can be deadly for turtles. 

Secondly, cut the apple in smaller pieces. It’s easier for the turtle to consume it. 

And thirdly, always observe the situation when you are giving apples to red-eared slider turtles.

Final Thoughts

Red-eared sliders will eat everything you put in front of them, however, it doesn’t mean that they should. Some types of foods can be beneficial for their overall health, others can cause them severe problems.

Even though, in general, giving apples to your turtles can be beneficial, the negatives often outweigh the positives. 

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