Do Turtles Need a Filter

Do Turtles Need a Filter?

If you are interested in keeping a turtle as a pet, you probably have several questions going in your mind right now. 

If so, kudos to you! Turtles are great pets. Talking from personal experience. You are gonna love taking care of your turtle. 

As beginners, we always have a lot of concerns about what it takes to keep these animals happy, healthy, and alive. 

I am quite sure that you are wondering: Do turtles need a filter? 

It’s probably the first thing you’ve thought of when you were planning your turtle tank setup. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. 

In this guide, we are going to talk about the importance of a good quality filter in a turtle tank. In addition, we’ll answer some related questions, as well. So… 

Do turtles need a filter? Turtles need a filter in their tanks. They are messy animals, they produce a lot of waste, and without a solid filter, you’ll have a problem maintaining good water quality. 

Do you really need a water filter for turtles? 

At some point, one thought crosses through your mind. Do we really need a filter in our turtle tank? Can we just make water changes once in a while, and call it a day. Besides, turtles spend most of their time on land. A filter in their tank is not necessary, perhaps? 

I foolishly thought that I could go without a filter. And, you could! Until you quickly realize, and see it in person, your turtle tank gets dirty in no time. So what are you going to do? 

Clean your turtle tank so often that you get sick of it, or set up a filtration system, and finally enjoy the company of your pet? You choose the second option, of course. 

Why do filters make our life easier? 

Because they do the dirty job we don’t want to do. Don’t get me wrong! You’ll still have to do water changes once in a while. 

However, compared to the filterless option, it will be less frequent, and much easier. 

Filters don’t just do mechanical filtration, but biological and chemical, as well. Having a filter in your tank can greatly benefit your turtle overall health. 

Can turtles live without a filter? 

Turtles can live without a filter. I’ve done it, and I’m quite sure others have done it, as well. It can be done, however, I don’t recommend it. The thing is, turtles can live without a filter, but they can’t live without good water quality. 

As you have seen, a good filtration system and good water quality are two things that closely correlate. They are not mutually excluded, though. You can have a good water quality without a filter, and you can have a filter in your turtle tank, yet a bad water quality. 

The bottom line is that you need clean and fresh water in your turtle tank. How you achieve it, it’s up to you. You can set up a good filtration system, and make small weekly water changes, or you can go without a filter, and make daily water changes. 

As I said, it’s up to you. However, in reality, who has the time to make daily water changes. Life itself, it’s busy anyway. To make your life easier, always choose the filter option. It makes a day-night difference. 

Do baby turtles need a filter? 

Baby turtles are sensitive to a lot of things. 

Especially bad water quality. 

You want to make sure that your baby turtle gets the best possible conditions to survive in its first year. 

Unfortunately, many baby turtles won’t survive their first year. Many factors can cause that, bad water quality being one of the biggest. 

Adult turtles can tolerate dirty water, juveniles not so much. If you get a baby turtle as a pet, and you are a first-time turtle owner, make sure that at least it has clean water in its tank. 

Quality food and clean water are the most important things when it comes to raising a healthy turtle. 

Do red-eared slider turtles need a filter? 

Red-eared sliders are aquatic turtles, so yes, they need a filter in their tank. I have three sliders, so I can tell you, from personal experience, they can get quite messy. 

As they get bigger, they’ll eat more, therefore they produce more waste. 

Without a filter or regular water changes, the water quality will quickly get worse. 

In fact, if you keep more than one turtle, setting up a good filtration system is mandatory. 

Final Thoughts 

Turtles are messy animals, so a filter in their tanks, it’s always a good option to have. Turtles eat a lot, they produce a lot of waste, and quickly pollute their tanks. 

Make yourself a favor, and purchase a good quality filter. You’ll thank me later! 

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